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Now, sheet metal processing, stamping production involves all sides of the manufacturing profession, the development of a wide range, so the process of shape and technology is also a lot of difference. Ten years of time, China has gradually become a global manufacturing center, as well as its consumer power, and stamping, sheet metal processing industry as one of the manufacturing industry based career has also achieved unprecedented development.

Active production safety and reliability

World mold and metal plastic industry suppliers association secretary general Luo Baihui think, China and the United States stamping, sheet metal processing company's biggest is not the same as the initiative, the level of information is not the same.

First, the United States to choose the closed-loop control of the initiative to produce more safe and reliable, easy to operate the entire production line protection. The company has its tooling protection workshop, mold device or embedded with a variety of sensors, the use of these sensors greatly improve the safety and reliability of the entire production line.

Second, the United States stamping, sheet metal processing company's high security awareness. The press of the press device has safety grating, when the worker is too close to the press, the pressure time is automatically shut down, and then to ensure the safety of the workers.

Third, the United States has a self management information system. Its raw material suppliers are provided with the information of the bar code, storage, after scanning, the original information of all kinds of information will take the initiative to enter the production database. With the raw materials into the processing process, the various processing aspects of the computer time to take the initiative to enter the information into the database, and these information will always be attached to the end of the goods.

Sheet metal processing plant has a comparative good definition, according to a definition of a foreign professional journals can be defined as: sheet metal for sheet metal is an inductive cold processing technology, including cutting, punching / cut / composite, folding, welding, riveting, assembly, molding (such as car) etc.. The obvious characteristic is that the same part thickness together.