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China has been recognized as the world's manufacturing power and multinational enterprises in the global strategic procurement center. The sheet metal industry as an important industry of metal forming processing industry, machinery manufacturing industry is the basic industry, its development level reflects the manufacturing technology of a country's competitiveness of its products in the automotive, electronics, communications, medical equipment, machinery, shipbuilding, aviation and many other fields, the use of a very wide range.

Hydraulic stamping and forming equipment manufacturing enterprises often use the highest utilization rate, accounting for 75.57%; forming and bending equipment utilization rate reached 53.44%; cutting, drilling and other equipment as sheet metal forming: cutting equipment and drilling, punching and slotting equipment accounted for 48.09% and 41.98% respectively. Among them, as the new technology and equipment of the rapid growth of laser cutting of sheet metal processing equipment, according to the more than 1 thousand sets of high power laser records our kilowatt cutting machine, has become China's rapid growth of sheet metal machinery; extrusion and drawing equipment use frequency increased significantly.

At the same time, punching parts production, there are many types of auxiliary equipment to use, welding and connecting equipment, machining equipment, plate pretreatment equipment (coil, uncoiling, leveling plate and continuous processing etc.) higher proportion respectively accounted for 61.83%, 54.96%, 44.27%, which has a significant relationship with the use of our coil the rapid increase in recent years. At present, the specification, variety and quantity of the plate pretreatment equipment are growing rapidly, and the technical level is rapidly improved, which basically meets the requirement of the domestic market.

Automation and robotics, testing and testing, tools were accounted for 38.17%, 38.17%, 36.64%. Fine processing hardware products is the implementation of more proportion was assembled accounted for 25.95%. In addition, it is also related to the laser marking, safety protection equipment, material transport and equipment and other specific production plant auxiliary equipment

In the production of sheet metal parts, software applications are mainly divided into three categories: business management software, engineering and workshop management software, simulation design software. Design of simulation software application the largest proportion reached 63%, by using CAD/CAE simulation software design, can realize the production line of high performance and high reliability, reduce the number of stamping process and mold, improve product technology, material saving, thereby improving product quality and reduce the cost. The proportion of engineering and workshop management software is 25%, which is very important to improve the efficiency of the management software of sheet metal enterprise management software, which should be paid attention to in the industry.

Now the long-term survival of the manufacturing industry, low-cost advantage is disappearing, gradually improve the quality of sheet metal equipment as soon as possible to achieve the development of automation and flexible is the inevitable choice of the industry. Statistics, accounting for 14.50% of the flexible manufacturing technology automation technology, information technology and processing technology in one, the people from the synchronous and machine manual labor freed, is the inevitable trend of development of the industry. At present, the domestic industry, the overall level of automation and flexibility is not high, complete set of line capacity needs to be improved, many companies have begun to focus on R & D investment in this area.

Sheet metal enterprise procurement equipment attention after sales service

In processing enterprises plate specific equipment procurement service, ensure the continuous production is the application of enterprise demand, reducing rate and ensure maintenance and maintenance timely is the key equipment manufacturers customer service service of equipment failure.

Survey results show that the production enterprises in the service equipment in a timely manner, the most concerned about the supply of spare parts, the attention of 62.60%, 38.93%. Compared with the main equipment supporting services alone, the enterprise staff training service for the ratio reached 44.27%, hope that through equipment business of the enterprise staff training, real school technology, ensure uninterrupted production. According to this analysis, equipment providers to provide technical training, Q & A will be the future of the equipment business enterprise customer service to win customers an important trend.

It can be said that for an enterprise, only according to the market demand, continuous improvement and improve product quality, strengthen customer service service, build up and consolidate the good brand image, the formation of high quality reputation in the industry, by the user identity, in order to win a higher market share.

Purchasing requirement analysis

With the sheet metal industry technology and equipment replacement, as well as the introduction of advanced technology of foreign counterparts, the domestic technology and equipment technology level needs to be further improved and improved. In the data involved in the survey, in 12th Five-Year, there will be 70 companies on the advanced sheet metal equipment procurement and updating needs.

Small quantities (less than 10) purchasing and renovating a large proportion accounted for 60%, mainly for equipment maintenance, update and upgrade before. For more than 100 enterprises accounted for 4% of the equipment, to buy 10 to 30 units of equipment accounted for 30%, to buy 50 to 100 units of equipment accounted for 6%. This is a result of the specific data of the survey, from the industry situation, the development of China's automobile and manufacturing industry, as well as the international red plate industry pressure on domestic enterprises, procurement of equipment and technology upgrading is the transformation and upgrading of enterprises will choose from.

Comparative analysis on the advantages of sheet metal equipment industry in China and foreign countries

Survey shows that domestic brands of sheet metal equipment compared with foreign countries, the main advantage of cost-effective, followed by service and delivery; and the foreign products are prominent advantage is the reliability of the equipment quality, the price is slightly, then the customer service service

Comparative analysis on the advantages of sheet metal equipment industry in China and foreign countries

Survey shows that domestic brands of sheet metal equipment compared with foreign countries, the main advantage of cost-effective, followed by service and delivery; and the foreign products are prominent advantage is the reliability of the equipment quality, the price is slightly, then the customer service delivery service, and brand also accounted for a certain proportion of attention.

With the further development of Chinese technology and related enterprises on the world and domestic stamping product, localization is the inevitable result of market development, is a double-edged sword, is a power to promote the promotion of native metal processing equipment and technical level. Local production of foreign products can continue to maintain foreign management to ensure the quality, will be a huge challenge to domestic businesses, is both opportunities and challenges, from the system to promote local enterprise management, product quality, performance and stability improvements, more important is to enhance our own very good equipments the development of ideas, improve the quality of the products. Facing the situation of core technology is still in foreign countries, domestic enterprises through technical cooperation, the introduction of advanced technology, production technology and management concept, change the labor-intensive production technology for production, improve the competitiveness of products, shorten the gap with foreign technology on the product details, to achieve efficient, domestic equipment high quality, high reliability, automation and information technology.

Services, continue to maintain cost-effective, improve service quality, speed up the service response time, the formation of close to the user, and timely and efficient service characteristics to win customers.

The hindering factors of domestic high-end sheet metal equipment application through statistical analysis on the main factors that hinder the application of high-end equipment in the analysis, the technical content accounted for 57.25%, accounted for 48.85% of the reliability analysis of domestic equipment, product quality and technical level of the industry is particularly concerned about.

At the same time, combined with the successful case of enterprise publicity is also very important, this aspect of the investigation for the production of sheet metal equipment manufacturers to obtain product information channels were investigated. At present, enterprises to promote the channel to the main exhibition, accounting for 54.96%, peer recommended up to 46.56%, a good reputation and brand of equipment sales and application of a greater impact, we can know the service is very important to do each device.