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The application of agricultural machinery in Zhejiang can be traced back to early twentieth Century. In 1911, Zhejiang imported 2 sets of iron wheel tractors from the United States, which was used to develop the experimental farm in Xianghu, Xiaoshan. After the founding of new China especially since the reform and opening up, the party and the government invested a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, to develop a series of policies and measures to support the development of agricultural mechanization, Zhejiang agricultural mechanization from scratch, from small to large, has obtained the considerable development.

In the new century, with the "People's Republic of China Agricultural Mechanization Promotion Law" promulgated and implemented, Zhejiang puts forward strategic thinking and adhere to the "based on agriculture, agricultural development", to institutional innovation as the driving force, adhere to the people-oriented, scientific development concept, to take comprehensive measures to guide policy, project support, standardized management, comprehensive to expand the field of agricultural machinery, agricultural mechanization presents the fast development momentum.

First, the policies and regulations system is becoming more and more perfect. "Zhejiang Province Agricultural Mechanization Promotion and agricultural machinery safety management measures" since September 1, 2006, the official implementation. "Zhejiang province people's Government on the development of agricultural mechanization of the several opinions", "Zhejiang tractor scrapped update management approach", "Zhejiang Province agricultural machinery accident treatment measures" in 2007 have been introduced. Provincial government organized the first meeting of the province's agricultural mechanization working conference held in November 24, 2006. Purchase subsidies, operation subsidy policy of continuous improvement, gradually increase the intensity of.

Two is the financial investment has increased year by year. 2004-2007, the province for the purchase of food production of large and medium-sized agricultural machinery subsidies at all levels of funds amounted to 286 million yuan, of which the central funding invested 58 million 500 thousand yuan, the provincial capital invested 88 million yuan. The provincial financial arrangements in the purchase subsidy funds at the same time, and in 2006-2007 arrangements 25 million yuan of special funds for the promotion project "and" agricultural subsidies, operation. In 2008, the central government will be in Zhejiang for 109 million yuan for the purchase subsidies, the provincial government will allocate about 50000000 yuan for subsidies, subsidies and operation "agricultural mechanization promotion project".

Three is the stock of agricultural growth structure optimization. Purchase subsidy policy implemented for 4 years, the province's new agricultural machinery 25974 units, of which large and medium-sized tractor 1897, tillage transplanter 605, combine harvester 6243, high performance of crop protection machinery 3959 taiwan. At present, the province's total power of agricultural machinery (excl. fishing machine) up to 18 million 929 thousand and 500 kilowatts, the original value of 17 billion 294 million yuan of agricultural machinery. Purchase subsidy policy also led to the stock of agricultural update and optimize the structure of high power and high performance equipment has gradually become the mainstream of grain production, harvest and other farming machinery. The province has a large and medium-sized farming tractor 6036, the number of power up to 181 thousand and 200 kilowatts, accounting for 10.40% of the total power of farm machinery; combine harvester 14837, the number of power up to 416 thousand and 700 kilowatts, accounting for 14.73% of the total power harvesting machinery. At the same time, the rapid increase in supporting machinery and equipment characteristics of the leading key production sectors of the industry, the current mobile spray machine (powder) 125 thousand and 800, irrigation machinery 28 thousand and 400 sets, 685 thousand cubic meters of cold storage, agricultural and sideline products processing machinery 236 thousand and 200 Taiwan (sets), 105 sets of facilities agricultural greenhouse of 243 million 707 thousand and 900 square meters, rice seedling factory equipment, fruit classification of machinery, pastoral management machinery, tea processing machinery and other economic crops and livestock and aquaculture production machinery, dredging, picking and other ancillary equipment characteristics of crops also showed a rapid development trend.

Four is a steady improvement in the level of agricultural operations. In 2007, the province's cultivated area of 1 million 9 thousand and 70 hectares, an area of 821 thousand and 550 hectares, an area of 2 million 125 thousand and 90 hectares, plant protection machinery, tractor, machine and plant protection mechanization level reached 71.49%, 71.82% and 90% respectively. Mechanical planting area of 21 thousand and 410 hectares, an increase of 8 thousand and 550 hectares over 2006, an increase of 66.49%. Rice production and harvest mechanization level reached 50.8%, an increase of 3.2 percentage points higher than in 2006.

Five is the promotion of new agricultural technology demonstration speed. In recent years, the province completed a total of 59 provincial agricultural demonstration base, built a "strong agricultural province Longxing demonstration project" agricultural demonstration base 25. 2007, Yuyao, Zhuji, Yiwu and Luqiao City, Taizhou District, became the first batch of the Ministry of agriculture to determine the first national agricultural mechanization demonstration zone. Relying on the national demonstration zone of agricultural mechanization and agricultural demonstration base, the main grain production mechanization technology, greenhouse technology, mechanized harvesting and processing of tea mechanization technology, high quality fruit production mechanization technology, edible fungus production mechanization technology, agricultural products storage mechanization technology, water-saving irrigation mechanization technology fruit and vegetable cultivation, mechanization, mechanization of aquaculture technology, livestock and poultry breeding mechanization technology ten agricultural new technology. The demonstration to promote the mechanization of rice transplanting technology has covered the province's 61 counties in the mountains and islands outside the county (city, district), has set up nearly 900 points of seedling specifications, machine planting demonstration more than 1 thousand and 400, 2007 rice transplanting area of 14 thousand and 460 hectares, the next step is to accelerate the popularization of the technology promotion lay a solid foundation.

Six is the social service system of agricultural machinery is becoming more and more perfect. The existing various types of agricultural machinery service organization 11110, agricultural households 915 thousand and 200 households, including households 239 thousand and 200 households. The new agricultural service subject of agricultural cooperatives, agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery company broker of rapid development, the industrial and commercial registration, regulate the operation of the agricultural cooperatives has reached 196, of which the national agricultural social service organization in Luqiao District Jinsui grain mechanization production cooperatives, Haiyan County, Cixi City, Long Yang agricultural cooperatives agricultural Lin Hong Ruian city is booming service cooperatives, Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives Zhuji City, Osaka on agricultural cooperatives and other 5 agricultural cooperatives to the Ministry of agriculture to determine the contact point. The Agricultural Technology Extension Center of agricultural machinery center has been formally established, responsibility of agricultural extension system has been implemented, the construction of new agricultural extension system pilot demonstration sites in the province and the provincial contact in full swing. A cross operating machinery service brand, the province has 71 counties (cities, districts) of the machine hand in operation across the number of participants, hand tools, machine into operation across the area were increased year by year, 2007 total revenue of 153 million yuan to achieve cross regional work.

Seven is to accelerate the construction of agricultural machinery safety and long-term mechanism. Beginning in 2006, the province's agricultural production safety work included in the assessment of the content of the government, layers of responsibility, the decomposition of the implementation of assessment indicators, to ensure the safety of agricultural production responsibility. Accelerate the standardization of Agricultural Supervision, and strictly regulate tractor driving training and supervision of agricultural machinery business development. Speeding up the police liaison office in agricultural construction, construction of rural road traffic safety supervision platform, police agricultural cooperation mechanism for the first time in china. Accelerate the construction of farm machinery safety, has completed 5 "safe agricultural demonstration counties (cities, districts), 76 model town (township, street), more than 1 thousand and 200 demonstration villages and more than 10 thousand demonstration households are created, including provincial" safe agricultural model village "86.

Eight is to strengthen the quality supervision of agricultural machinery products. In recent years, the province strictly regulate the agricultural production and agricultural enterprises to declare the appraisal department acceptance, testing, evaluation and certification of agricultural extension identification procedures, strengthen the promotion of identification badge management. Organize and carry out quality supervision and inspection of agricultural machinery products and the quality supervision of subsidies. Set up 29 agricultural consumer rights protection supervision station, preliminary construction of provincial, municipal and county three agricultural machinery quality supervision network.

Nine is the steady progress of the work of agricultural standardization. 2007, the Zhejiang Provincial Agricultural Machinery Standardization Technical Committee was formally established, the main crops, key links, key equipment technical routes and operational norms to develop and improve the popularization and application of steady progress. Completed "machine transplanting rice seedling disc technology operating rules", "machine transplanting rice field cultivation technology operating rules" and "flat tea frying machine quality and safety requirements" 3 provincial standards revision work. Cooperate with the National Agricultural Standards Committee to complete the tea processing machine 18 agricultural industry standard system revision and publication, as part of the unit to complete the "flat tea frying machine", "tea pruning machine", "tea picking machine" 9 agriculture industry standard system revision.