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According to the International Federation of robotics predicts that China will become the world's largest consumer of industrial robots by 2014. Predicted that by 2015, China's robot market demand will reach 35 thousand units, accounting for 16.9% of the global total, becoming the largest robot market. Experts said that the next 3 years China's industrial robot market compound growth rate of up to 30%.

Play a big role

In the process of the transformation of the new industries and the traditional industries, robots are playing the role of "catalyst". In the construction machinery industry, often in the production line of robot spot welding, arc welding, painting and assembly work, not only can guarantee the stability of product quality, improve production efficiency, but also improve the working conditions of workers and labor intensity. In recent years, Chinese engineering machinery industry usher in rapid development, the urgent need to upgrade, the companies want to grab more market share in the fierce competition, get rid of the homogenization of competition, we must strengthen the level of automation of production lines, to introduce robots will be indispensable.

As a large domestic Shantui construction machinery manufacturers and bulldozer industry leading enterprises, in the application of automatic welding equipment should be said to come to the forefront of the domestic counterparts, has been used in welding robot and automatic welding machine in the middle of 1990s. These measures not only make the production efficiency of enterprises has been effectively improved, but also changed the traditional concept of employees.

The benefits of the introduction of the robot in the rapid development of the 31 heavy machine can also be seen one or two. 2007, two robots appeared 31 heavy machine production line. Since then, the enterprise sales by leaps and bounds, the robot team will grow. In the Lingang Industrial Park 31 heavy machine before operation, you can see the more than and 200 robots to carry out their duties, busy cutting, welding, painting or coating work, everyone is a when five.

By the end of 2012, the welding robot production system of the welding robot in the mixing drum was officially opened in ZOOMLION Yuanjiang Industrial Park, which is the first time in the domestic concrete machinery industry.

Look forward to large-scale application

Although there has been no lack of people eating crabs, but the industry is still some time away from the scale of the robot application. At present, construction machinery production line is still manually, and the automation level of the weak.

The characteristics and construction machinery products are not unrelated, first of all, since the major components, complicated structure, high quality requirements of welding, huge workload, multi types, restricting the development of the level of automation of construction machinery production line. Secondly, because of the sophisticated and complex robot structure, puts forward a very high request to the maintenance personnel, sometimes also need to assist manufacturers, also put forward higher requirements on the quality of workers operating the robot teaching programming, troubleshooting, etc. all need some professional knowledge. In addition, the initial welding robot is imported, the parts are not easy to prepare, the use of high cost. Automation is to benefit, not only speed. At the beginning of the application of the robot, many companies also take some detours, the robot's flexibility has not been fully utilized. According to the survey, some enterprises introduced arc welding robot, due to various reasons, there are still some in the load dissatisfaction or not normal operation of the state, a direct impact on the confidence of more enterprises to use the robot.