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According to the Provincial Department of agriculture, the Provincial Department of finance "issued in 2012 on the promotion of agricultural mechanization construction plan project" notice (Zhejiang agricultural project 2012 No. 58) the spirit of the document, Tongxiang Agricultural Supervision Station undertook 2012 agricultural mechanization promotion project of Tongxiang city's "safe agricultural demonstration city" project construction. After careful organization and orderly implementation, the project plan has been fully completed.

The project's main task is to create a "safe agricultural demonstration city, including the consolidation of the 3" safe agricultural demonstration town, building 6 "safe agricultural demonstration village, every village to build 10" safe agricultural demonstration households; the purchase of 1 sets of mobile tractor testing equipment, accident investigation processing equipment 1 sets, publicity and education and office automation equipment; carry out tractors, combine harvesters, rice transplanter and other eight kinds of endanger personal and property safety of agricultural machinery free field test pilot; application of agricultural safety reflective stickers. Project total investment of 869 thousand and 200 yuan, of which 200 thousand yuan of financial subsidies to the province, Tongxiang local financial funds 669 thousand and 200 yuan, 69 thousand and 200 yuan over the plan.


Tongxiang City, the implementation of "safe agricultural demonstration city construction project, through the strengthening of agricultural machinery supervision equipment and safe agricultural demonstration typical drive, on-site safety inspection and the pure agricultural tractors, combine harvesters and other agricultural machinery, increase agricultural safety supervision, to minimize the road traffic accidents and agricultural machinery work accidents, and effectively promote the agricultural production safety norms, orderly and harmonious development.