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On November 4th -5, agricultural index, and focus on promoting the implementation of the purchase subsidies for the exchange forum. Municipal Agricultural Management Station (bureau, office) the main person in charge to participate in the meeting, deputy director of the Provincial Department of agriculture Zhao Xingquan attended the meeting and delivered a speech, the Provincial Agricultural Bureau Cai Chaoyong investigator chaired the meeting. Machine purchase subsidy policy improvement and performance management forum held in Hangzhou. Meeting the deployment of the purchase of agricultural subsidies in 2013 to extend the performance management, interpretation of the purchase of agricultural subsidies to extend the performance management of specific assessment methods and assessment

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Zhao Xingquan, deputy director of the province to fully affirmed the province in the purchase of agricultural subsidies to achieve the results of the extension of performance management. He pointed out that to promote the purchase of agricultural subsidies is an important duty of performance management under the new situation of the agricultural sector and the important means to realize "two security", to strengthen the management of the implementation of the purchase subsidies, improve the efficiency of financial subsidies; to strengthen the prevention and control of risk management, the specification of power, from the source to prevent illegal behavior.

Deputy director Zhao Xingquan stressed that all localities should fully understand the importance of the purchase subsidy extension performance and urgency of the management, to ensure the unity of thinking to the decision-making and work arrangements, to ensure that in the thought of "high importance", "seize the implementation of action", "four strengthening": to strengthen organizational leadership, organizational guarantee to provide for the performance management work; two to strengthen the implementation of the organization, clear objectives and tasks, detailed work measures to ensure the implement of performance management and effective; three to strengthen publicity and education, establish the concept of performance management, grasp the methods of performance management, performance management, promotion of good experiences and good practices, to create a good social atmosphere; four to strengthen the results of the use of the scientific use of performance evaluation results, seriously study and improve the purchase subsidy policy, to ensure the effective implementation of the policy in place.