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In order to further improve the Boyuan company's work environment and production features, improve the quality of the staff, improve the quality, promote the production management and production safety management work. The Boyuan management decided since December 2013, the company launched a comprehensive 5S management activities, relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

First, the purpose and significance of carrying out 5S management activities:

"5S" is the abbreviation of sorting (Seiri), (Seiton), cleaning (Seiso), (Seikeetsu) and literacy (Suke Shit-). Because these 5 words in Japanese, the first letter of the alphabet is "S", so referred to as "5S", to carry out in order to organize, rectify, clean, clean and literacy as the content of activities, known as "5S" activities.

In the production process of an enterprise, if the production equipment, garbage everywhere, ground, dusty, all the staff of the whole of the working area of gray soil for the first brain, shrouded by dust, so the working environment had a serious impact on the health of employees also kill the enthusiasm of employees to work. Bad working conditions for every employee would like to end the work early, leaving the poor working environment. If this is the enterprise, it can not talk about the quality and quantity, the employee's professionalism is even more impossible to talk about. Which leads to the loss of the market, the loss of customers, enterprises to lose the survival and development of space.

Carry out 5S management goal is simple and clear, is to create a clean, neat, comfortable, reasonable and safe workplace for employees, thus forming a virtuous cycle, to ensure product quality, enhance the efficiency, improve the overall quality of staff, work quality rise, increase customer satisfaction, market stability, the increase in orders, the company's image, at the same time, clean and tidy workplace will increase customer trust, the enterprise is confident enough to welcome customers, partners, superiors or social groups to visit, inspection, but also can enhance their sense of belonging, sense of achievement, stimulate their sense of ownership to work more. To improve the efficiency of producing more excellent products.

Two, to carry out 5S management activities of leading organizations and members:

1, the activities of the leadership: the company 5S implementation of the project team.

2, the implementation of the Committee members:

Project supervision: Shi Liang, Shen Songhua, Shen Aisong, Shen Shixiang

Project implementation: Lu Jinzhong, Ni Yaofei, Shi Jianliang, Chen Guojian, Zheng Cheng, Xu Guoxiang,

Qian Liqiang, Chen Jianhua, Jiang Fuxiang

Three, to carry out the requirements of 5S management activities:

1, the whole company in the 5S implementation of the project team unified leadership, unified deployment, to establish a sense of participation, a clear goal, go all out to ensure the smooth progress of the activities.

2, the implementation of the Commission will be required by the company to develop specific implementation details of the 5S management activities.

3, the Department (room), the workshop must be strictly in accordance with the requirements of 5S cooperation activities, mutual cooperation, is strictly prohibited, Buck passing.

4, each department (room), workshop leadership and the position management personnel should actively do a good job in the activity, all employees should participate in this activity, the formation of full participation in the situation.

5, the company up and down to form a consensus, to ensure the healthy and orderly conduct of the event.

Four, to carry out 5S management activities of the rewards and punishments:

1, the implementation of the project team will be in various stages of the 5S outstanding units and advanced individuals in recognition.

2, in the activities to cope with the negative, causing the passive to work, the company will give criticism; do not listen to discourage or deliberately creating obstacles, with serious consequences for the production and operation of the company, will be fined or transferred from their posts.

Notice is hereby notified!

Boyuan promote the project team 5S

December 1, 2013